Research with LensKit

LensKit is intended to be particularly useful in recommender systems research.

If you use LensKit in published research, cite:

Michael D. Ekstrand. 2018. The LKPY Package for Recommender Systems Experiments: Next-Generation Tools and Lessons Learned from the LensKit Project. Computer Science Faculty Publications and Presentations 147. Boise State University. Presented at the REVEAL 2018 Workshop on Offline Evaluation for Recommender Systems at RecSys 2018. doi:10.18122/cs_facpubs/147/boisestate. arXiv:1809.03125 [cs.IR].


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Original LensKit (Java)

If you publish research that uses the old Java version of LensKit, cite:

Michael D. Ekstrand, Michael Ludwig, Joseph A. Konstan, and John T. Riedl. 2011. Rethinking The Recommender Research Ecosystem: Reproducibility, Openness, and LensKit. In Proceedings of the Fifth ACM Conference on Recommender Systems (RecSys ’11). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 133-140. DOI=10.1145/2043932.2043958.

For your convenience, here is the BibTeX:

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We would also appreciate it if you could send a PDF and citation for your article to ekstrand@acm.org, so we can know where all LensKit is being used.

LensKit has been used in a number of published papers. In this list, we have attempted to collect published research that has used the LensKit software in some capacity.