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algorithm(def) - Method in Simulate
algorithm(def) - Method in TrainTest
Load one or more algorithms from a file.
applyFinalSettings() - Method in LenskitTask
Apply the LensKit JVM settings to the invoker to prepare it for running.
args(Object) - Method in LenskitExec
attribute(String, Object) - Method in DataSetConfig
Add an attribute.
attributes(Map<String, Object>) - Method in DataSetConfig
Add one or more attributes.



cacheDirectory(def) - Method in TrainTest
candidateItems(String) - Method in RecommendEvalTaskConfig
candidates(String) - Method in RecommendEvalTaskConfig
configure(Closure) - Method in EvalTaskConfig
configure(Closure) - Method in TextDataSourceConfig
continueAfterError(boolean) - Method in TrainTest
Crossfold - Class in org.lenskit.gradle
Crossfold a data set.
Crossfold() - Constructor in Crossfold


dataSet(Map<String, Object>, DataSetProvider) - Method in TrainTest
Add a data sets produced by a crossfold task or other data set provider.
DataSetConfig - Class in org.lenskit.gradle.delegates
DataSetConfig(Project) - Constructor in DataSetConfig
dataSetName(String) - Method in Crossfold
DataSources - Trait in org.lenskit.gradle.traits
Support for specifying various types of data sources.
delimiter(String) - Method in TextDataSourceConfig
doPrepare() - Method in Crossfold
doPrepare() - Method in LenskitTask
Method run before running the command.
doPrepare() - Method in TrainTest


EvalTaskConfig - Class in org.lenskit.gradle.delegates
Delegate for configuring evaluation tasks.
EvalTaskConfig(Project, String) - Constructor in EvalTaskConfig
exclude(String) - Method in RecommendEvalTaskConfig
excludeItems(String) - Method in RecommendEvalTaskConfig
exec() - Method in LenskitTask
Execute the LensKit task.
extendedOutput(def) - Method in Simulate
Set the extended output file.


file(Object) - Method in TextDataSourceConfig


getAlgorithmFile() - Method in Simulate
getArgs() - Method in LenskitTask
getCommand() - Method in Crossfold
getCommand() - Method in LenskitTask
getCommand() - Method in Simulate
getCommand() - Method in TrainTest
getCommand() - Method in Version
getCommandArgs() - Method in Crossfold
getCommandArgs() - Method in LenskitTask
getCommandArgs() - Method in Simulate
getCommandArgs() - Method in TrainTest
getCommandArgs() - Method in Version
getDataSetFile() - Method in Crossfold
getExtendedOutputFile() - Method in Simulate
Get the output file for the extended JSON output.
getInputFiles() - Method in Crossfold
getInputFiles() - Method in Simulate
getInvoker() - Method in LenskitTask
Access the underlying invoker that will be used to run the LensKit code.
getJson() - Method in EvalTaskConfig
getJson() - Method in RecommendEvalTaskConfig
getJson() - Method in TextDataSourceConfig
getJson() - Method in TrainTest
getOutputDirectory() - Method in Crossfold
getOutputFile() - Method in Simulate
Get the primary output file for the simulation.
getOutputFiles() - Method in TrainTest
getProject() - Method in DataSources
getProject() - Method in GradleUtils
GradleUtils - Trait in org.lenskit.gradle.traits
A trait that provides some little Gradle utilities.


headerLines(int) - Method in TextDataSourceConfig
holdout(int, String) - Method in Crossfold
Hold out a fixed number of ratings per user
holdoutFraction(double, String) - Method in Crossfold
Utility method to create a holdout-fraction user partition method.


input(Map) - Method in Crossfold
input(Map) - Method in Simulate
inputFile(Object) - Method in Crossfold
Configure an input CSV file of ratings.
inputFile(Object) - Method in Simulate
Configure an input CSV file of ratings.
invoker(Closure) - Method in LenskitTask
Apply additional JVM configuration.
itemOutputFile(def) - Method in RecommendEvalTaskConfig




labelPrefix(String) - Method in RecommendEvalTaskConfig
LenskitExec - Class in org.lenskit.gradle
Execute a LensKit command.
LenskitTask - Class in org.lenskit.gradle
Base class for LensKit tasks.
LenskitTask() - Constructor in LenskitTask
listSize(int) - Method in RecommendEvalTaskConfig
logFile(Object) - Method in LenskitTask
logFileLevel(String) - Method in LenskitTask
logLevel(String) - Method in LenskitTask


makeUrl(def, def) - Method in GradleUtils
maxMemory(String) - Method in LenskitTask
method(String) - Method in Crossfold
Set the method to use.
metric(String, Closure) - Method in EvalTaskConfig
Add a metric with additional configuration.


name(String) - Method in DataSetConfig


output(def) - Method in Simulate
Set the output file.
outputDir(Object) - Method in Crossfold
outputFile(def) - Method in EvalTaskConfig
Set the output file.
outputFile(def) - Method in TrainTest
outputFormat(String) - Method in Crossfold
Specify an output format.


parallelTasks(int) - Method in TrainTest
predict(Closure) - Method in TrainTest
Configure a prediction task.



rank(Closure) - Method in TrainTest
Configure a rank effectiveness task.
recommend(Closure) - Method in TrainTest
Configure a top-N recommendation task.
RecommendEvalTaskConfig - Class in org.lenskit.gradle.delegates
Eval task configuration for recommend tasks.
RecommendEvalTaskConfig(Project) - Constructor in RecommendEvalTaskConfig
retain(int, String) - Method in Crossfold
Utility method to create a retain-N user partition method.


separateItems(boolean) - Method in RecommendEvalTaskConfig
shareModelComponents(boolean) - Method in TrainTest
Simulate - Class in org.lenskit.gradle
Simulate() - Constructor in Simulate


testSource(def) - Method in DataSetConfig
TextDataSourceConfig - Class in org.lenskit.gradle.delegates
Delegate for configuring a data source.
TextDataSourceConfig(Project) - Constructor in TextDataSourceConfig
textFile(Object) - Method in DataSources
Configure a rating CSV file data source.
threadCount(int) - Method in TrainTest
trainSource(def) - Method in DataSetConfig
TrainTest - Class in org.lenskit.gradle
Run a train-test evaluation.
TrainTest() - Constructor in TrainTest


userOutputFile(def) - Method in TrainTest
userPartitionMethod(def) - Method in Crossfold
Deprecated method for user partitioning.


Version - Class in org.lenskit.gradle
Task that runs the LensKit version command.






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