Download LensKit

The latest version of LensKit is 2.2.1. For an overview of changes in this release, see the release notes.

Using Maven

If you want to use LensKit within another Java project, there is no need to download anything — LensKit is published to Maven Central, so just add it as a dependency in Maven, Ivy, or use it via a Groovy Grape. This is the recommended way to integrate LensKit as a library.


Prerelease Version

LensKit 3.0 is currently under development. If you want to use it without tracking 3.0-SNAPSHOT or Git master, you can use version 3.0-M2:

LensKit 3.0-M2 has also been pushed to Maven Central, so you can depend on it like a released version.

You may also want to consult the release notes; note that they are likely incomplete.

Developing LensKit

The latest development sources for LensKit are in our Git repository (hosted on GitHub). The README contains documentation on how to start using the source code with various IDEs.

We welcome patch submissions for LensKit. To submit a patch, just fork the repository on GitHub, prepare your changes, and send a pull request. We also encourage you to discuss your proposed changes on the LensKit mailing list.